Tarot Flash Cards

Learn keywords for each of the 78 cards of a traditional tarot deck, in both upright and inverted positions, to help you master tarot in no time.

These flash cards are part of my tarot course, Tarot Made Simple, and are provided as part of that curriculum. To enroll in Tarot Made Simple, click here. Otherwise scroll down to gain access to just the flash cards.

Thank you! - Alyse

Tarot Flash Cards

I made these flash cards as a tool for my students to begin learning keywords associated with each tarot card. Please note these are simple keywords to trigger the basic meanings in your mind. They do not go in depth into the rich history, symbolism and interpretations of each card. Each card contains the number/name of the card, keywords for the upright meaning and keywords for the inverted meaning.

Why didn't I choose to include traditional tarot artwork on the flash cards? Because it's easier when you're learning to assign the meaning of the card to the card itself. Not the artwork. If you hang all meanings on the artwork, then when you switch decks or if you purchase a pip deck, you may struggle to remember the interpretations since the artwork is different.

This digital download is an 80 slide PDF, immediately available upon purchase.

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