Tarot Made Simple

Tarot Made Simple is an entirely online, self paced course to help you learn to read tarot in a simplified way.

From learning basic terminology to growing your confidence in reading for others, it covers every step of the way.

Tarot Made Simple will have you reading in a matter of weeks and growing your connection to the cards every single day.

learn to read tarot

Master the meanings

Tarot Made Simple breaks the cards down into easy to understand bites. You'll learn everything you need to master the cards, from basic terminology to growing your confidence as a reader and more.

learn to read tarot

Dive deep each month

Each month we will explore a single card in depth. This dive includes history, symbolism, interpretations, journal prompts and a ritual to connect with the energy of that card.

learn to read tarot

Office Hours

Students of Tarot Made Simple will be able to join Alyse live on Zoom for "office hours" each month! Ask questions, practice reading the cards and continue your education!

This course is for you if...

The idea of memorizing all 78 cards feels overwhelming for you. 

You have attempted to learn tarot before but gave up because it felt like too much at once.

You are confused by all of the terms, variations and options in tarot.

You learn best with beginner friendly, bite sized info.

You learn best on your own, going at your own speed, online.

You want to truly connect to your deck and to the energy of the cards.

Still unsure? Feel free to email me with any questions at [email protected].

learn to read tarot

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